Competence Center Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are used for efficient and passive heat transfer in a wide variety of applications – such as electronics cooling, e-mobility, building technology, and aerospace.

The Competence Center Heat Pipes combines the expertise available at several Fraunhofer Institutes in the design, manufacture and characterization of heat pipes of various types. We advise customers and interested parties from industry and research on the selection and design of heat pipes. The range of services also includes heat pipe characterization and prototype production.



Heat pipes are used in many different areas. Their application ranges from laptops and electric motors to solar power systems and satellite cooling.



In the Competence Center Heat Pipes we combine the expertise of several Fraunhofer Institutes. We offer customers and interested parties from industry and research comprehensive services on the topic of heat pipes.



Heat pipes are components that transfer heat via an evaporation and condensation circuit. Depending on the type of heat pipe, various forces, such as capillary or gravity, are used to maintain the circuit.

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